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From our thorough exterior detailing to our meticulous interior cleaning, we have the perfect package options to meet your needs. Our pricing is affordable and competitive, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

Plus, we offer additional services and add-ons to customize your detailing experience.

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Package Options

Choose from a variety of package options for your mobile boat detailing needs. At Always Shine N, we understand that each boat requires unique care and attention. That’s why we offer different packages to suit your specific needs and budget.

Our Basic Package includes a thorough wash, wax, and polish to keep your boat looking its best.

For those looking for a more comprehensive service, our Deluxe Package includes everything in the Basic Package, along with interior cleaning and conditioning.

If you want to go all out and give your boat the ultimate treatment, our Premium Package is perfect for you. It includes all the services from the Deluxe Package, plus additional services such as hull restoration and engine cleaning.

With our flexible package options, you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Exterior Detailing Pricing

To get a better understanding of the pricing for exterior detailing, let’s explore the different services offered by Always Shine N.

When it comes to exterior detailing, Always Shine N provides a range of options to suit your needs.

Their basic exterior detailing package includes a thorough wash, waxing, and polishing of the boat’s exterior surfaces. This package is perfect for maintaining the overall appearance and protecting the boat’s paintwork.

For those looking for a more comprehensive service, Always Shine N offers a premium exterior detailing package. This package includes additional services such as paint correction, scratch removal, and oxidation removal.

The pricing for exterior detailing varies depending on the size of the boat and the specific services chosen. Always Shine N strives to provide competitive pricing while delivering high-quality results to their customers.

Interior Detailing Pricing

How much does Always Shine N charge for interior boat detailing?

When it comes to getting your boat’s interior looking pristine, Always Shine N offers a range of services at competitive prices.

For a basic interior detailing package, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150. This package includes thorough cleaning of all surfaces, such as the seats, carpets, and dashboard, as well as vacuuming and window cleaning.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive interior detailing, which includes additional services like leather conditioning or stain removal, prices can range from $150 to $250.

Keep in mind that the final cost may vary depending on the size and condition of your boat’s interior.

Regardless of the package you choose, Always Shine N is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional interior boat detailing at affordable prices.

Additional Services and Add-Ons

For your convenience, Always Shine N offers a variety of additional services and add-ons to enhance your boat detailing experience.

In addition to our standard boat detailing packages, we provide a range of options to address specific needs and preferences.

If you want to protect your boat’s exterior from the harsh elements, we offer a premium waxing and sealing service that will keep your boat looking sleek and shiny for longer.

For those who want to give their boat’s interior a little extra TLC, we offer upholstery cleaning and conditioning to remove any stains and restore that fresh, new look.

We also provide engine bay cleaning and degreasing to ensure that your boat’s engine is running smoothly.

Whatever your boat detailing needs may be, our additional services and add-ons are designed to give your boat that extra level of care and attention it deserves.

Booking and Pricing Information

When booking our mobile boat detailing services, you can expect transparent and competitive pricing. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost. That’s why we provide clear pricing information upfront, so there are no surprises.

Our pricing is based on the size and condition of your boat, ensuring that you receive a fair and accurate quote. We take into consideration factors such as the length of the boat, the type of detailing services you require, and any additional add-ons you may choose.

Rest assured that our prices are competitive within the industry, offering you the best value for your money. Contact us today to book our mobile boat detailing services and experience our transparent and affordable pricing firsthand.


In conclusion, Always Shine N offers competitive prices for mobile boat detailing services. With various package options, customers can choose the level of detailing they need for both the exterior and interior of their boats.

Additionally, there are additional services and add-ons available to enhance the overall experience. For booking and pricing information, customers can easily contact Always Shine N.

Get your boat looking its best and shining with their professional detailing services.


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